My mission in life is helping people live in congruence with themselves while having better relationships all around. 

I've found that wherever we're at in our lives, we have more valuable dimensions of ourselves that are not known to us. Some of the most valuable and rewarding aspects remain obscured or hidden until we daringly explore ourselves — that is we risk our known selves for something more. 

And, even when we do take this risk to dig deep into our beliefs and to truly explore ourselves, we often lack the communicative skill to put ourselves out there in ways that effectively express our truer integrity or have the desired impact. 

Subsequently we often live our lives not being truly known by the people we work with, our friends, and even our families and partners. 

My coaching supports you in the process of uncovering these hidden dimensions of yourself and in developing the communication skills required for expressing yourself more effectively. 

What happens when you don't move effectively towards what matters most to your heart?

You find yourself feeling stuck. Your life is lived in a narrow, constricted, and sometimes painful manner. Your personal life is stale. Your professional life feels like a cage. You find yourself grappling with this narrow range and it is exhausting...

We will work together to build essential skills so YOU and the people that matter the most know intimately who you are and what your larger life is ultimately about.

I have limited 1-on-1 spots available. Frequency of sessions and access to me is tailored to your specific needs. Everything starts with a powerful conversation.

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